Friday, January 29, 2010

Theft of the Eucharist

The Blessed Sacrament has been stolen from a church in Co. Laois, Ireland. The Parish Priest is at a loss as to why someone would steal the Blessed Sacrament since the lunette that held it is of little value:
"Certainly from experience, I have never experienced anything like this in any parish I've been in -it's never happened before," he remarked. "It's hard to understand the motivation behind this -you can only speculate on that.”
Msgr Byrne appealed to the whoever took the Eucharist to return it immediately. "We would very much appreciate its return and to find out the thinking behind taking it," he said.
And expressing the hope that there was no sinister aspect to the incident, he added that he "would like to be assured the Sacrament is being treated with respect and that it has not been consumed or destroyed.”
I would speculate that maybe the thief (or thieves) were very much aware that the lunette was of little value. Maybe they were after the Blessed Sacrament. Let us hope and pray that this Sacred Host is not being used for something far worse than being consumed or destroyed. Ireland is a very changed country with regards to the faith and the days when our ancestors were willing to die for the Mass and the Eucharist are well and truly gone. And that is a great pity.
Let us pray in reparation for this great crime of sacrilege.
Fr. B

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