Saturday, January 30, 2010

St. Therese and Flies

Because I really cannot abide flies I like this little fact about St. Therese's attitude towards them on her deathbed. She wouldn’t kill them even though they tormented her.
She said of them: "I always give them freedom. They alone have caused me misery during my sickness. I have no enemies, and since God recommends that we pardon our enemies, I’m happy to find this opportunity for doing so."

That's why she's a saint and .... well, I've a long way to go! When I was younger I used to try to knock the flies off my bedroom window into the big spider web that was in the corner of the window. I succeeded in fattening that spider quite a bit. He crawled into my bed one night, though, and bit me and so he too met a sticky end!

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  1. She had a way of seeing the things of this world with 'Gods eternal eyes' beautiful this little Doctor of the Church is.